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The beautiful season has arrived and we feel like going outside to play. Jogging, tennis, cycling, gardening, after long months of waiting for the heat, we're having a field day. And sometimes, with a little too much ardour. Tendinitis is often the result of abnormal or repetitive friction of the tendon (fibrous part that connects the muscle to the bone) on the fascia (sheath containing the tendon within which it slips during contraction and stretching muscle) as well as, to some extent, dehydration, thus decreasing the availability of the synovia (lubricating fluid secreted by the fascia). Acupuncture is known to decrease pain caused by tendonitis by decreasing swelling and inflammation, and increasing blood supply to the affected area, which helps increase healing potential. Rest of the affected tendon is also necessary for some time.


In general, during sports activities, you can avoid tendinitis by adopting a few rules:

-WARM UPmusclesBEFOREphysical activity can, of course, increase body temperature but also increase blood supply and joint and muscle lubrication. The body prepares for the effort.

-STRETCH AND SOFTENmusclesAFTERphysical activity relaxes the muscle fibers, fascias and tendons allowing them to regain their normal range of motion and get rid of the waste products of the effort. The body prepares for rest and regeneration.

-TO DRINKenough water to meet your individual needs.



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