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Signs telling you that your acupuncture treatments are working

     Acupuncture is a very effective medicine that usually requires several treatments to achieve its full effectiveness, whether your reason for consultation is acute or chronic.   Why?   Because each treatment builds on the one that precedes it.   This approach to healing is unfamiliar to us Westerners.   We rather expect an instantaneous result, even when we talk about health.   Therefore, adopting a treatment that requires a certain involvement over a more or less long period can be frustrating and discouraging.   Some people don't have that patience.   Don't be afraid!   Certain signs may tell you that your acupuncture treatments are working, even if your primary symptoms have not yet resolved!   Here they are...


You have better sleep


Whether or not you have sleep problems, this one will be deeper.   You will have no more or fewer awakenings, and these will be of short duration.   In addition, you will feel good about recovering.


You have more energy.


You notice that you are less tired during your day.   The "strokes of fatigue" after meals or in the middle of the afternoon are things of the past.   Motivation seems to be showing up!   This means that acupuncture has stimulated circulation through your meridian system.   Regular and fluid circulation in the meridians is what will ultimately make your symptoms disappear.


You are less stressed.


Acupuncture treatments considerably reduce irritability.   You feel less affected by the vagaries of life and you manage them better.


You are more regular.


Regularity, both digestive (stools) and menstrual, is a very encouraging sign that you are feeling better.   Again, the fluidity of digestive/gynecological movement echoes that in the meridian system.   If it circulates unhindered, you are not far from your profit.


If you recognize some of its signs, be hopeful and patient.   Your acupuncture treatments are working!


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