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Tui Na training

A new Tui Na program is now available with the acupuncturist and trainer Suzanne Lafranceof theJune 2022. The purpose of this program is to enable registrants to appropriate the techniques learned as therapeutic and diagnostic tools.  The combination of Tui Na and acupuncture during a treatment allows the emergence of a formidable therapeutic synergy.  The program begins with an introductory course allowing   to become   Familiarize with Tui , followed by a block of 3 advanced courses. These courses will address new techniques in Tui Na, Zheng Gu and Zang Fu, as well as the most common clinical problems and pathologies and their treatments. Qi Gong will also be an integral part of the program for the neuromuscular rehabilitation of the normal functions of the body, both physical, physiological and energetic, for both the therapist and the patients. clinics will conclude this training.  This is a complete program with a view to treating musculoskeletal, energetic and physiological disorders. 

Welcome to all!

Dates:June 18-19, 2022, September 24-25, 2022, October 15-16, 2022, January 14-15, 2023, February 4-5, 2023, May 6-7, 2023, May 26-27, 2023._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Four half-days of clinical internship to be determined.

Contact Suzanne Lafrance A-019-03


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