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Pregnancy and Acupuncture


In perinatal care, acupuncture can be a major asset.  The whole process of childbirth, from fertility to childbirth, can greatly benefit from its effectiveness.

In fertility, acupuncture can regulate menstruation as well as help restore a hormonal balance conducive to procreation in women. In men, it can help to obtain a better quality of spermatozoa as well as a better motility of these.

For pregnancy follow-ups,  it is the preventive side of acupuncture that is in the spotlight. Pregnancy is a great adventure and like all real adventures, it is not without its difficulties. By seeing her acupuncturist at the same rate as her obstetrician or midwife, the pregnant woman can compensate for all the physiological, anatomical, metabolic and psychic changes that the maternal organism undergoes during this period of demanding adaptation. Acupuncture also allows pregnant women to heal and relieve themselves without having to resort to drugs whose teratogenic effects (risk of malformations on the fetus) are feared.

Acupuncture treatments during the last month of pregnancy are reserved for preparation for childbirth. Acupuncture can, on average, reduce labor time by 4 to 6 hours in women giving birth for the first time.

After childbirth, it is important to recover as best as possible to face the new responsibilities. Thus, acupuncture is a non-negligible ally for the relieveilles.

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