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    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive medicine, several thousand years old, which is still very effective today. It treats and takes into consideration all the spheres of the human being: anatomical, physiological, psychological, and emotional. In this way, it helps the body to regain balance, that is, health. Acupuncture  is one of the five branches of TCM, the other four being: la Chinese pharmacology (medicines based on herbes), la diététique (l'alimentation), le massage Tui Na (Touina) ainsi que le Qi Gong (chi kong: gentle physical exercise for rehabilitation, rehabilitation and maintenance). Acupuncture is a so-called "energetic" medicine, that is to say that it uses the energy available to each individual and adjusts it to each individual's needs. Using fine needles, it is possible to stimulate acupuncture points that are located all over the body. Doing so tells the body what changes to make to recover from both musculoskeletal pain and internal disorders. What can acupuncture treat?


To name just a few...


Digestive disorders:

Nausea, vomiting

Gastric reflux, esophageal spasms

Heartburn, gastritis, ulcers

Slow digestion, liver disorders

Constipation, diarrhea

Gas, bloating, abdominal pain

Inflammatory bowel diseases


Immune system disorders:

Allergies, hives, eczema

Colds, flu, cough

Sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis

bronchitis, pneumonia

Shingles, herpes, dermatosis

Otitis, labyrinthitis


Urinary tract infection


General disorders:

Fatigue, chilliness and exhaustion

Depression and mood disorders

Anxiety and nervousness


Travel sickness, jet lag



Musculoskeletal problems:

Muscle spasms

Joint and muscle pain

Arthritis, osteoarthritis

Tendonitis, bursitis

Sports injuries, sprains


Cervical, dorsal and lumbar pain Sciatalgia, neuralgia

Carpal tunnel

Thorn in Lenoir


Gyneco-obstetric disorders:

Female and male fertility 

Menstrual disorders

Premenstrual syndrome

Pregnancy follow-up

Preparation for childbirth

Version of the fetus

Menopause and Andropause

Vaginitis and vaginal discharge

Menstrual pain

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